About Spirals & Our Ethics

Spirals Hebden Bridge

Spirals started life in 2005. We had recently been awarded Fairtrade Town status and was then as it is now home to a vibrant community many of whom share our passion or creating a fairer world whilst tackling our serious and urgent environmental concerns.

Our little shop grew into a much bigger one when we got the chance to move to our current premises, a lovely light filled shop in the heart. Here we have two floors full of lovely fairtrade, handmade, eco-friendly and locally made goodies.

First and foremost all our products are ethically sourced. Spirals is proud to be a member of BAFTS – the British Association for Fairtrade Shops & Suppliers – and most of our fairtrade products are sourced from BAFTS registered wholesalers.

We also stock products made in the UK which are earth friendly, many of them made in or near Hebden Bridge. This includes items made using reclaimed timber, natural skincare products, and work by local designers using recycled materials.

As a company we try and do what we can to be ‘green’ and also to contribute to our local community as well as the wider world. We only use recycled packaging and paper, and are working to reduce our usage. Hebden Bridge was the second town to become Plastic Bag Free, a campaign we were a strong supporter of.

We are proud to be part of our community and work with local groups and schools to promote Fairtrade and Green issues whenever we can.